Beautyfool Kids Conditioner

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Product Details
Our Children’s Conditioner is an extremely
lightweight secondary product, designed for
continual, everyday application. Our unique formula
allows instant softness whilst making the hair
noticeably easier to control and comb.
Hair Diagnosis
Children 2 years and up with all hair types. Virgin
hair ie, no artificial colour.
Active Ingredients
Jojoba Oil
Jojoba Oil’s molecular structure is similar to sebum
(the oil that the scalp naturally produces) which
means it is natural and readily accepted by the scalp
and does not mess with the scalp’s natural balance.
It is reputed to have antibacterial properties and
acts as a natural lubricant to assist in gently
combing fragile hair.
In short
Jojoba Oil
- Easily accepted by the hair and scalp
- Great anti-bacterial properties
- Natural lubricant assisting in combability
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